Course curriculum

  • 01

    Lessons From A Curious Child Podcast 1.

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  • 02

    Lessons from I Can't Get Enough of You

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    • Being Transparent and Real
    • Can't get Enough Lyrics
    • Song and Track Info
  • 03

    Lessons from Podcast Our Time (Let it Go)

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    • Lessons from the Podcast Letting Go
    • Chord Chart for This is Our Time
    • This Our Time-Lyrics
    • Links and Song Info
  • 04

    Lessons From River Child

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    • A Different Instrument May Inspire a New Song
    • Notes on River Child
    • River Child Chord Chart
    • River Child Lyric
  • 05

    Walking in the Woods Lesson

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    • Lesson Notes
    • Walking in the Woods-Chord Chart
    • Walking in the Woods-Lyric Sheet
    • Finding the right Tempo for your song
  • 06

    Not Feeling Myself Lesson

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    • Writing Music for Sensitive Lyrics
    • Not Feeling Myself Chord Chart
    • Not Feeling Myself Lyrics
  • 07

    Good People: Finding a Chord Pattern you can build on

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    • Good People Notes
    • Good People CHART
    • Good People-Lyrics pdf
    • Developing Chord Patterns You Love to Play
  • 08

    My Soul is Rising-Rex Files

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    • Notes on Lesson
    • My Soul and the Exploration of Rex Files
    • My Soul is Rising Chord Chart
    • My Soul is Rising-lyrics
  • 09

    I Can Hear The Rain

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    • D-Drone
    • I Can Hear The Rain-Chart
    • I Can Hear the Rainfall.Lyrics
  • 10

    When I Sing

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    • Notes on Lesson
    • Messing With Chords
    • Beautiful_Chart